Benjamin Hodges, MSPA, PA-C

Orthopaedic Physician Assistant

“When I approach medical practice as a physician assistant, my guiding principle is based on shared decision making. I believe it is my job to provide my patients with tools, education and resources allowing them to make evidence-based decisions about their medical health. Patients are often faced with difficult decisions to make regarding their health. In orthopedics, this often means deciding between surgical interventions or more conservative approaches in treating an ailment. I work best with patients by understanding their goals regarding their orthopedic health. I believe patients deserve to be at the center of these decisions to reach these goals and it is my job to make sure they have the right knowledge to do so.”

“Being an orthopedic PA-C provides an excellent opportunity to practice hands on medicine in a variety of settings. This includes the operating room to the outpatient clinic, rounding in the hospital and even on the sidelines for local sporting events. I enjoy having this variety and enjoy the experience it brings.”

“I enjoy a variety of activities in my spare time. This includes playing for the local men’s league rugby club, practicing yoga as well as playing my guitar.”


B.A. in Biology – Augustana College of Liberal Arts and Sciences – Rock Island, IL
M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies – Des Moines University College of Health Sciences – Des Moines, IA